Volkswagen Hitches


Removable Rack Receiver and Ball Mount Hitches for Volkswagen that are Made to be Hidden. Stealth Hitches require no visible cuts to the bumper, and will not affect the design of your vehicle. We provide one of the safest, highest-quality custom hitch on the market with a stainless steel latching block for RUST-FREE use. Our top-rated customer service team will answer any questions you have when choosing from our rack receiver package, ball mount tow package or our rack and tow combination package. Go ahead and TOW IN STYLE - purchase your Volkswagen hitch from Stealth Hitches today. 


Six reasons why Volkswagen owners like you tow with Stealth

1. MADE TO BE HIDDEN. Stealth Hitches rack and tow hitch systems are designed to be completely hidden when you are not using them. This allows you to have towing capabilities without sacrificing the beautiful design of your vehicle. ( Added bonus: you won't have a hurt shin or oil on your pants from running into the hitch when it's not in use. )

2. KEEP VEHICLE FACTORY APPEARANCE. The tow bar is installed using your manufacturer's original mounting points. There is no drilling, welding or visible cutting to your vehicle. Stealth Hitches ensures a perfect fit with each hitch.

3. EASY TO USE. Stealth Hitches are super easy to use. You can attach and detach the rack receiver or ball mount in seconds. An automated locking mechanism allows for quick release and insert as well as locking key for anti-theft security.

4. SAFER. The tow bar design of the Stealth hitch is engineered to not affect the manufacturer's crumple zone. Unlike fixed mounted hitches, Stealth's hitch protects the crumple zone so it can still absorb the main force of an impact as it was designed to do. 


5. OEM COMPATIBILITY. Stealth Hitches uses the best technology to ensure that the wiring harness to the hitch is OEM compatible. Stealth's invisible hitch will not disengage your camera or foot release capabilities. 

6. LIFETIME WARRANTY. Stealth Hitches provides a lifetime warranty with all their hitches. 

Lifetime Guaranteed  •  Made in the USA

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