BMW 3 Series Sedan Diesel (E90) 2007 - 2011

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Stealth Hitches offers a rack only package, a towing package and a combination tow and rack package. The same vehicle specific cross beam and vertical latching mechanism is used on all packages.

All Rack Packages start at Base Price. Tow and Combo packages are base price plus additional cost.

Stealth Hitches are made to be hidden. We have created a lifetime hitch for all your favorite adventures - whether it’s boating, biking, motorsports, racing or more. This durable, sleek and non-intrusive hitch design has proven to be safer and easier to use while improving your vehicle towing capacity. Our hitches allow your vehicle to maintain its original ground clearance and does not affect your vehicle’s crumple zone. We know there are many options when it comes to choosing a hitch for your vehicle. Stealth Hitches takes pride in our friendly customer service and guarantees you a hitch that you will love. If you have any questions please contact us at or call us 1-833 myhitch (694-4824).

BMW 3 Series Sedan Diesel Hitch


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Stealth’s fully welded trailer hitch for the BMW 3 Series (316d, 318d, 320d, 325d, 330d, 335d) Sedan Diesel is strong and durable with a Lifetime Guarantee. The combination of a stainless steel latch block and powder coat finish provides excellent rust protection allowing you to enjoy your eco-adventures and not worry about the function of your hitch.

The vehicle capacities with the BMW 3 Series trailer hitch are:

 Hitch Towing Capacity
Vehicle Towing Capacity*
• 6,000 lbs - gross trailer weight (GTW)
• 3,500 lbs - gross trailer weight (GTW)
• 500 lbs - tongue weight (TW)
• 250 lbs - tongue weight (TW)

 * Please confirm vehicle capacities with vehicle owner’s manual.


Why Stealth Hitches are chosen over competitor hitches.

  • Made in the USA.
  • No visible cutouts in the bumper.
  • Completely hidden.
  • No welding or drilling required.
  • Protects the crumple zone of the vehicle.
  • No permanent attachments hanging under the vehicle.
  • Any foot activated hatch releases remain active.
  • No knee or shin bangers.
  • Integral theft resistant lock and key.
  • Great for bikes, extra cargo, skis and more.



      What's included in each BMW hitch package?

      Stealth Hitches offers a rack only package, a towing package, and a combination tow and rack package.  The same cross beam and vertical latch block are used on all packages.

      The Rack Package uses a detachable rack receiver (2" and 1 1/4" square tube) that accepts current versions of bike racks, ski racks, cargo platforms, and other square tube accessories.  A wiring harness is not required if rack connections are the customers only application.

      The Tow Package uses a detachable ball mount that operates differently than a typical square tube receiver hitch.  When inserted into the stainless-steel receiver block, a tight connection is created to the vehicle frame, eliminating the jerking and banging associated with square tube receivers type hitches during starts and stops.  This solid connection creates less wear and tear on the vehicle transmission and is a more pleasurable ride for the passengers.  The tight connection also allows our hitch to pass the more stringent European test requirements which carry a higher towing rating than the US rating.  Our hitches conform to both US (SAE) and European (EU) test requirements.  

      Stealth Wiring Harness

      Our "Stealth" wiring harness and controller is specifically designed to monitor and duplicate the tail light functions.  Drawing current from the tail light circuits can cause vehicle faults, especially on European vehicles.  Our controller draws current directly from the battery to eliminate this issue. For vehicles with numerous trailer lights, Stealth harnesses are designed to increase the current capacity from the typical 5-amp solid state limitation to a full 20 amps.

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      Great hitch, great customer service and super fast shipping.

      I ordered this hitch late saturday and received this hitch on Tuesday. Everything was excellent, from the packaging to the quality of the product itself. I am really happy with this purchase, especially because of the aesthetics and function. Well worth the price in my opinion

      Jorge R.

      2011 335d Stealth Hitch Combo Kit

      Overall, I’m very satisfied with my Stealth Hitch. The design and build quality of the hitch and accessories (ball & receiver) are impressive. The wiring diagram did leave a bit to be desired but my Indy mechanic with his test light had everything matched up perfectly. Obviously there are thousands of different wiring combinations across multiple makes and models of cars so it was understandable. The rear park distance sensors still pick up objects (excluding the hitch) when in reverse. We ended up cutting a slight portion out of the lower bumper cover so that the accessories wouldn’t rub when inserted into the hitch. The cutout also makes it easier when you press in the lock button or use the keys to undo the lock. This may not be necessary but it does make life a little easier. It is important to note that this cut out is not visible unless you happen to have your head underneath the car, from any other angle it is invisible. Absolutely no rattle when either of the accessories are in the hitch. I do wish a covering cap for the flat 4 pin electrical connector was provided. I’m sure in GA they don’t need to worry about it, but in the north where there is salt, sand, and mag chloride during the winter, it would be nice to protect it. The magnet that is attached to the 4 pin connector is very strong and I like how it stays up and out of the way, connected to the bar. The rubber cap for the locking mechanism is nice, as well as the rubber plug that fits into the hitch when no accessory is inserted. These should both suffice to keep foreign road debris from reeking havoc. Overall, I’m very impressed and satisfied with my purchase.

      David M.
      United States
      Robert L. verified customer review of BMW 3 Series Sedan Diesel (E90) 2007 - 2011

      Excellent Hitch

      I’m very satisfied with this hitch. It is completely invisible when the receiver is removed. The receiver attaches firmly with no shake or play. I use my hitch with a Thule bike rack and it really works well with my heavy electric bike. Although a bit more expensive than a standard hitch, it was well worth the extra cost for my application. Stealth Hitches shipped promptly, packaging was good and there was no damage.

      Robert L.
      United States
      Ralf S. verified customer review of BMW 3 Series Sedan Diesel (E90) 2007 - 2011

      Looks and feels like European style factory install.

      If you drive a precious car and care about the looks, Stealth Hitches is the place to go.

      Ralf S.
      United States