Mercedes GLE SUV (2020 - 2021)

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Stealth Hitches offers two hitch packages a Rack package or a Combo package (Rack and Towing). The combo package is the rack price plus our discounted conversion kit cost.

The same vehicle specific cross beam and vertical latching mechanism is used on both packages - meaning that you can upgrade to towing later by purchasing a conversion kit.

Stealth Hitches offers two hitch packages a Rack package or a Combo package (Rack and Towing). The combo package includes everything the rack package offers plus all components needed for towing. The same vehicle specific cross beam and vertical latching mechanism is used on both packages - meaning that you can upgrade to towing later by purchasing a conversion kit.

Mercedes GLE SUV Hitch


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Stealth’s fully welded tow hitch for the Mercedes GLE is strong and durable with a Lifetime Guarantee. The combination of a stainless steel latch block and powder coat finish provides excellent rust protection allowing you to enjoy your eco-adventures and not worry about the function of your hitch.

The vehicle capacities with the Mercedes GLE SUV trailer hitch are:

 Hitch Towing Capacity
Vehicle Towing Capacity*
• 8,000 lbs - gross trailer weight (GTW)
• 7,700 lbs - gross trailer weight (GTW)
• 600 lbs - tongue weight (TW)
• 600 lbs - tongue weight (TW)

 * Please confirm vehicle capacities with vehicle owner’s manual.



Why Stealth Hitches are chosen over competitor hitches.

  • Made in the USA.
  • No visible cutouts in the bumper.
  • Completely hidden.
  • No welding or drilling required.
  • Protects the crumple zone of the vehicle.
  • No permanent attachments hanging under the vehicle.
  • Any foot activated hatch releases remain active.
  • No knee or shin bangers.
  • Integral theft resistant lock and key.
  • Great for bikes, extra cargo, skis and more.



      What's included in each Mercedes hitch package?

      Stealth Hitches offers a rack only package and a combo package with tow and rack options. The same cross beam and vertical latch block are used on all packages so if you need to upgrade to tow later you can with the Mercedes GLE SUV Conversion Package.

      The Mercedes GLE SUV hitch Rack Package comes with standard 2" detachable rack receiver that accepts current versions of bike racks, ski racks, cargo platforms, and other square tube accessories.  A wiring harness is not required if rack connections are the customers only application.

      The Mercedes GLE SUV Combo Hitch Package uses a detachable ball mount that operates differently than a typical square tube receiver hitch. When inserted into the stainless-steel receiver block, a tight connection is created to the vehicle frame, eliminating the jerking and banging associated with square tube receivers type hitches during starts and stops.  This solid connection creates less wear and tear on the vehicle transmission and is a more pleasurable ride for the passengers.  The tight connection also allows our hitch to pass the more stringent European test requirements which carry a higher towing rating than the US rating.  Our hitches conform to both US (SAE) and European (EU) test requirements.  

      Stealth Wiring Harness

      Our "Stealth" wiring harness and controller is specifically designed to monitor and duplicate the tail light functions.  Drawing current from the tail light circuits can cause vehicle faults, especially on European vehicles.  Our controller draws current directly from the battery to eliminate this issue. For vehicles with numerous trailer lights, Stealth harnesses are designed to increase the current capacity from the typical 5-amp solid state limitation to a full 20 amps.

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      Excellent hitch, with a big asterisk

      I am delighted overall, and really have to complement Stealth on the engineering in particular. From the lever you rotate to release the ball mount/receiver, to the integral lock that secures the attachments, everything feels solid and robust; it’s truly a premium product. I was searching for an aftermarket hitch that wouldn’t disrupt the rear aesthetic of my 2020 GLE SUV, and read about Stealth on my two go-to forums: MBWorld and Benzworld. I was intrigued, but because of the price point, I wanted to do some additional research and speak with a couple installers. The first authorized installer I found on the website and contacted via email was FX Automotive, and their reply gave me pause: “My installer is not comfortable installing this hitch on a 2020 vehicle along with the wiring. We have experienced an issue with the newer vehicle where the color patterns do not match and we can damage the light control module which we can not reprogram. Would have to go back to the dealer if we have a check engine light come on. I suggest you ask the dealer for a quote.” Having no interest in creating any computer/controller issues with such a tech-heavy vehicle, I called Stealth and spoke with Richard G. about my concerns. He was very helpful, and did acknowledge installers occasionally will have difficulty as it’s very difficult to monitor every vehicle’s wiring colors and changes. Our discussion provided me with enough comfort to purchase the Combo Package. My mechanic recommended I use FDR Hitches for installation, and after doing some research, learned that they have an excellent reputation. FDR gave me an estimate of 3.5-4 hours total at $109/hour, so I decided to go with them and made an appointment. When I picked up my SUV, I was presented with a bill for 5.5 hours of work, rather than the original estimate of 3.5-4 - an additional 1.5 hours of labor equating to approximately $164 more than expected. Why the extra cost? The installer was unable to get the light package to work, and even contacted Stealth directly, spending a half hour on the phone with them. Although Stealth’s support team was very helpful, they were unable to solve the underlying issue, leaving it to the installer to resolve. Ultimately the installer was successful, and the manager of the shop summed it up by saying I was lucky Chris (the installer) was here today and worked on the hitch as nobody else would have figured it out. I really am quite happy with the hitch now as I do believe it will last the lifetime of my SUV. Because the installer was kind enough to call the Stealth team to share his solution, the good news is Stealth hopefully can help any other 2020 GLE owners resolve wiring challenges. The bad news for me is that this education was done AT MY EXPENSE; $164 to be precise.

      Andrew T.
      United States United States