GET A FREE HITCH installed on your Vehicle

Our mission is to provide everyone with a custom hitch that they love showing off and feel comfortable using - especially a hitch that can be completely hidden when not in use.

If your vehicle is not listed on this page for fabrication or on our website we would love to custom build it for you. If you are willing to bring your vehicle to our Research & Development facility in Sugar Hill, GA we will gladly:

1. Create a custom hitch for your vehicle for FREE – including a detachable rack receiver and ball mount.

2. Install the hitch for FREE.

3. Provide lifetime warranty for FREE

Who can get a FREE custom hitch?

The first person to contact us on their vehicle that is listed for fabrication will receive a Stealth hitch, free of cost.

Where do I go to get my Stealth hitch fabricated and installed?

We currently do all fabrication installations at our Research & Development Facility located at: 4580 Commerce Parkway, Sugar Hill, GA 30518.

What’s the Catch?

You’ll be driving away with the best aftermarket hitch installed on your vehicle for helping us customize hitches for everyone.

What if my vehicle is not on the list or on the website?

If you are an owner of another vehicle and you want to volunteer your hitch to be designed, please call us at: 678-714-3592 to see if it qualifies.

This offer is limited to one customer per vehicle. Certain vehicles may not match the requirements for our hitches so please call 678-714-3592 to have a representative speak with you.