About Stealth Hitches

Stealth Hitches are fully hidden when not in use. No more bruised shins from contact with the receiver of other hitches, all while maximizing your towing capacity, maintaining your crumple zones (unlike other hitches), and maintaining the vehicle’s original appearance.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

    How does the Stealth Hitch work?  The Stealth Hitch is completely invisible until you need it. Stealth utilizes a specialized stainless steel vertical latch block that is attached to the vehicle frame and is completely concealed behind the vehicle bumper. Separate detachable components provide connections for both racks and towing. These components are easily attached or detached, without tools, in a few seconds. See video on home page for details. 

    Does the hitch come with a warranty?  Yes, all Stealth products are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

    Will I see a cut out on my bumper?  Absolutely not. All hitch accessories are designed to be vertically inserted behind the bumper. We do require an opening under the vehicle to connect the accessories to the latch block. This sometimes means that there is a an unseen trim under the vehicle, usually to the gravel guard.

    Is there any welding to attach the hitch to my vehicle?  Never. We specifically design our hitches to employ the existing connection points of the vehicle. By using the same connection points as the vehicle manufacturer, we protect the crumple zones of the vehicle. 

    Will the Stealth Hitch void my vehicle warranty?  No. Connecting our hitch will not void any factory warranties. Often, warranties are voided due to hitch systems drawing current from the tail light circuits.   Rather than drawing current from the tail light circuits, our hitch is built to acknowledge the active taillight signal and prompted to draw current from the battery. This keeps the trailer activity separate from the vehicle monitoring system to prevent vehicle faults.

     Can the Stealth Hitch come loose and release while towing?  No. Our hitch utilizes an integrated push lock feature to secure the accessory. When locked, it confirms that the detachable accessory is in place and prevents the handle rotation that is required to release the accessory. 

    Can someone steal the detachable part of the hitch or anything attached to it?  No. The integrated push lock secures the accessory. You need the key to enable the handle to turn, releasing the accessory. 

    Can the Stealth electronics communicate with my vehicle?  For vehicles with electronic towing communication features, we offer compatible hitches for most makes and models. Common features for these vehicles are trailer stability control, disabling back up sensors when a trailer is connected electrically, and rear camera zoom for trailer connection.

    How safe is the Stealth Hitch?  We feel our hitch is the safest hitch on the market for many reasons.

    1) Our hitch system provides a tight fit that prevents the hammering effect at each stop and start. This lessens the impact the trailer has when you hit the brakes.

    2) Our hitch is fully integrated and cannot be removed without a key and turn of the release handle.

    3) We connect to the same locations as the vehicle manufacturer which protects the crumple zones of the vehicle.

    4) Finally, our latch block is 100% stainless steel and made in the USA. Our quality control combined with superior materials provide further assurances that the hitch is built for safe and long-term use.

    Can I attach my bike rack to the Stealth Hitch?  Yes. We offer a detachable rack connector (square tube receiver) that is used for any type of rack connection. This accessory comes in the two standard sizes, 2” and 1 ¼”.

    Can I use different ball sizes and get different heights to keep my trailer level?   Yes. Our ball mounts come in many different rises and drops needed for a level tow. Our ball mounts come with a 1” diameter hole that will accommodate all three ball sizes (1 7/8”, 2” and 2 5/16”)

    Does the Stealth Hitch affect my foot access trunk release?  No. Other hitches have either a visible steel member and/or a permanent square tube receiver below the bumper creating an interference with the antenna. Our hitch is mounted behind the bumper so there is no permanent steel piece below the bumper to affect the antennas.

    Does the Stealth Hitch cause a ground clearance issue?  No. Our hitch is mounted behind the bumper so there is no permanent member below the fascia.

    Does a Stealth Hitch use the same square receiver that other hitches use?  Stealth only uses the square tube receiver for our racks and cargo carrier products. Stealth hitches do not use the square receiver for towing.

    Do I need to purchase a wiring harness?  For all tow packages, a wiring harness is included. In some cases, we offer an active harness option that communicates with the vehicle.

    Are Stealth Hitch systems programmable for communication with the vehicle?  Yes for BMW, Porsche, Volvo and Audi. Remote programming is available for BMW.