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Stealth Hitches offers a rack only package for the Tesla Model 3.

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Stealth Hitches are made to be hidden. We have created a lifetime hitch for all your favorite adventures - whether it’s boating, biking, motorsports, racing or more. This durable, sleek and non-intrusive hitch design has proven to be safer and easier to use while improving your vehicle towing capacity. Our hitches allow your vehicle to maintain its original ground clearance and does not affect your vehicle’s crumple zone. We know there are many options when it comes to choosing a hitch for your vehicle. Stealth Hitches takes pride in our friendly customer service and guarantees you a hitch that you will love. If you have any questions please contact us at info@stealthhitches.com or call us 1-833 myhitch (694-4824).

Tesla Model 3 Hitch

Stealth’s fully welded trailer hitch for the Tesla Model 3 is strong and durable with a Lifetime Guarantee. The combination of a stainless steel latch block and powder coat finish provides excellent rust protection allowing you to enjoy your outdoor adventures and not worry about the function of your hitch.

The vehicle capacities with the Tesla Model 3 trailer hitch are:

  • 3,000 pounds - gross trailer weight (GTW)
  • 200 pounds - tongue weight (TW) 

Stealth Hitches are designed to exceed vehicle capacities by a minimum of 50%.  We list the vehicle capacities, not hitch capacities, to give our customers more meaningful data.  Please confirm capacities with the vehicle owner’s manual.



Stealth Hitches Advantages to the Conventional After Market Hitch:

  • Made in the USA.
  • No visible cutouts in the bumper.
  • Completely hidden.
  • No welding or drilling required.
  • Protects the crumble zone of the vehicle.
  • No permanent attachments hanging under the vehicle.
  • Protects the crumble zone of the vehicle.
  • No knee or shin bangers.
  • Integral theft resistant lock and key.
  • Hitch does not interfere with vehicle antenna.
  • Any foot activated hatch releases remain active.
  • Great for bikes, extra cargo, skis and more.



        What's included in each Tesla Model 3 package?

        Stealth Hitches offers a rack only package for the Tesla Model 3. 

        The Rack Package uses a detachable rack receiver (2" and 1 1/4" square tube) that accepts current versions of bike racks, ski racks, cargo platforms and other square tube accessories.  A wiring harness is not required if rack connections is the customers only application.



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